"High Piled Storage: Simplifying
Permit Processing with AARACK"

High Piled Storage

HPS Permit Processing

High Pile Storage Permit Classification I-IV from local agency (City or County). High pile storage packages are inclusive of application filing, drawings, and product classification. DOES NOT include fees charged by local agency. All Fees will be paid on your behalf at time of submitting and will need to be reimbursed upon presentation of invoices. The Client is to provide site plans and layout, preferably in CAD for submission packages. We will walk you through the three page classification questionnaire that is required with submittals and we will send our fire consultant on site to evaluate your sprinkler system, building access and smoke vents. (In most cases) High hazard commodities are not included unless they can be shown as minimal amounts stored no higher than 6’ with no storage over them. Permit Processing

LA County Municipal Code

105.6.22 High-piled combustible storage. An operational permit is required to use any building or portion thereof as a high-piled storage area exceeding 500 square feet (46 m2). In addition to any of the requirements of Chapter 23 of this code, a letter describing the type and amount of material to be stored and the method of storage, plus a floor plan showing the dimension and location of the stockpiles and aisles shall be submitted with applications for such permits. (Ord. 2010-0060 § 22, 2010.)

footnote a. When automatic sprinklers are required for reasons other than those in Chapter 23, the portion of the sprinkler system protecting the high-piled storage area shall be designed and installed in accordance with Sections 2307 and 2308.
footnote b. For aisles, see Section 2306.9.
footnote c. Piles shall be separated by a minimum of 96-inch aisles complying with Section 2306.9.

901.7.7 Obstruction to fire protection equipment. Unobstructed access to fire protection equipment shall be maintained at all times. The fire department shall not be deterred or hindered from gaining immediate access to fire protection equipment. (Ord. 2010-0060 § 73, 2010.)

901.7.11 Clear space around above-ground water control valves. A 3-foot (914 mm) clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of above-ground water control valves used for water based fire protection systems, including private fire hydrant systems, except as otherwise required or approved. (Ord. 2010-0060 § 73, 2010.)

Pallet Storage

1910.3 Indoor storage. Pallet storage in a building used for other storage or other purpose shall be in accordance with the provisions for high-hazard commodity high-piled combustible storage contained in Chapter 23.
Exception: When indoor storage does not exceed 6 feet (1.8 m) in height and the aggregate volume of all stored pallets does not exceed 2,500 cubic feet (70.8 m3). (Ord. 2010-0060 § 95, 2010.)

2308.2.2 Racks with solid shelving. Racks with solid shelving having an area greater than 32 square feet (3 m²), measured between approved flue spaces at all four edges of the shelf, shall be in accordance with this section.

1. Racks with mesh, grated, slatted, or similar shelves having uniform openings not more than 6 inches (152 mm) apart, comprised of at least 50 percent of the overall shelf area, and with approved flue spaces are allowed to be treated as racks without solid shelves.
2. Racks used for the storage of combustible paper records, with solid shelving, shall be in accordance with NFPA 13.
3. In buildings with ESFR fire sprinkler protection, the storage racks shall not utilize solid, slatted, or other types of shelving that obstructs sprinkler water penetration down through the racks, unless allowed per NFPA 13. (Ord. 2010-0060 § 99, 2010.)