"Unlocking Warehouse Space:
The Power of Mobil Pallet
Rack Systems"

Mobil Pallet Rack

Mobilized pallet racks (also known as motorized mobile pallet racks or mobile industrial rack system), are designed to maximize the use of warehouse storage space. This can reduce your pallet storage area in half, or double the capacity of your pallet rack storage in the same floor area. It allocates space by converting static access aisles into productive storage space. By mounting rows of pallet racks onto heavy-duty rolling carriages and positioning them on floor tracks.

Rows of pallet racks (up to 96’ long) move sideways along the floor tracks creating a movable floating access aisle. Typical warehouse storage facilities may have dozens of static access aisles but only one or two forklifts capable of accessing stored materials. This reduces the number of access aisles to match the velocity requirements of your storage area. Rows of pallet racks are moved by pushing a button or by remote control, which opens access aisles when and where they are needed.

Mobilized storage systems has helped many organizations reduce or eliminate new building construction costs, auxiliary warehouses, building expansions, and decrease ongoing operational costs (lighting, energy, insurance) by redistributing the use of their storage floor space.