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Pallet Jacks

We will ship pallet jacks anywhere in the U.S.A. We have a large line of industrial-grade pallet jacks and pallet lifts at some of the lowest prices anywhere you can find online With low cost freight shipping we will get you a great deal! Call and get a quote today! 626-454-1500

Our line of industrial Pallet Jacks are made from solid steel with smooth wheel quality construction that is built to last. We carry several types of pallet jacks, depending on your fork width and weight capacity requirements (special order available).

–Capacity available: up to 5,500 pounds.

–The reinforced forks provide durability.

–3 position hand control. 2.9 lowered and 7.8 raised height.
–6” shock absorbing polyurethane wheels.
–180 steering arc for easier maneuvering.
–Leak proof hydraulics.
–Yellow, Orange-red, or Chrome finish

Notes: Our line of pallet jacks performs well against competitive pallet jacks made by Toyota and Crown, but at 10-30% less cost.  1 Year parts warranty.

Electrically operated jacks increases worker productivity and reduces injury.  Anyone on your staff will be able to lift and pull any heavy pallet in your warehouse to your dock with this electric motor operated lift.  Designed for heavy-use environments, this lift is one of the best values of any electric lift in the world.  We get these lifts directly from the OEM, one of the world’s largest, at competitive prices.

This special utility pallet jack weighs each pallet as it is lifted.  Ideal for trucking and logistics company drivers who need to verify the weight of each pallet in real time.  This is an industrial grade jack, designed for constant use in heavy-duty environments.  We have two models, one with printer, one without printer.


–Low profile, Standard dimensions.  48L x 27W x 48H inches

–Built-in weight scale measures up to 4,400 pounds

–Weight displays in 1 pound or half-pound increments

–Large, easy to read LED screen

–Multiple fork widths available on special order.

It comes with a lifting capacity up to 5,000 pounds, easy to use manual controls, 110V power–just plug into the wall, and requires no special maintenance.

Increase worker productivity and reduce injury by having the right equipment available.  If your business operations require transport of heavy boxes, it is a good idea to have pallet lifters and adjustable height lift table on hand.  Carrying heavy boxes and cartons tires out workers, leading to lower productivity and increases chances of injury.

Call us for more information.  We have great prices and a large product line to meet your needs.  (Note: All pallet lifters and lift tables are special order items that take 1-2 weeks for delivery.)

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