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Pallet Rack Trade-In Programs

A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving offers several pallet rack trade-in programs for businesses that are relocating or expanding. We sell a full line of new and used pallet racks, boltless shelving, hand trucks, pallet jacks and lifts, as well as other material handling items. In many cases rack design and layout is proprietary to the usage and commodities stored. When designing any storage system, Structural Calculations should always be included for you particular usage of the storage racks. Never be afraid to ask for preliminary calculations when designing your storage systems! If you are dealing with a reputable company it should never be a problem to provide you this information. ESPECIALLY since permitting racking systems is a requirement by your local City or County authority. At A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving, we will only offer a used solution if it will pass the permit process for your individual usage and zone.

Rack Relocation and Take-Down.  A&A developed this program  for companies that are moving, but have excess racks on hand that they want to dispose of.  In exchange for the value of the rack, shelf, or mezzanine being removed, A&A will provide the labor and transport to remove racks free of charge.  You business can now remove racks without out-of-pocket expenses.   This is a program popular with businesses that are relocating faraway from current location and landlords who have tenants that have moved out but left materials still in the warehouse space.

Consignment Program.  This program is for businesses that want to sell excess racks they are not using for their new warehouse or facility.  A&A has an extensive list of clients, dealers, and installation partners who are all seeking used materials for different applications, and we can help businesses sell excess materials on the open market.  We can house the materials on our site or at a business’s site until the material is sold.

Buy Rack Program.  A&A buys used racks,  shelving, and other material handling equipment from companies and individuals who have excess racks they are not using.  Depending on the style, size, and shape of the rack or shelving. we will make a fair offer, and pay quickly. If Racks need to be removed, our experienced crew can be on site to take down the racks and truck out for you, all at our expense if we are purchasing the materials.

Home and Office

A&A has home and garage organization solutions for the do-it-yourself projects or professionally installed garage storage systems.   Boltless shelving are great ways to organize boxes, tools, stored furniture, and things in general so they do not clutter your garage and closets.  A&A has created several home and garage organization kits that you can take home and install yourself.  These boltless shelving units are durable, and changeable over time as your needs change.  Come visit our showroom for more ideas.

Areas Served.  We service new and used pallet racks and shelving installations, relocation, and designs in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernardino  and San Diego County.   We bring a full crew of experience installers to your warehouse, office, or home to get the job done right and quickly. We are fully licensed and insured and bring with us a professional teams with y ears of experience.