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Pallet Rack Upright Frames

A&A Boltless Rack and Shelving stocks a variety of different pallet rack size uprights and beams to fit large and small warehouses applications. Our upright inventory starts at eight feet (8′) high up to twenty five (25′). Uprights over 25′ are ordered from our manufacturer, although lead times may vary, they usually run 4 to 6 weeks. Weight capacity depends on the gauge of steel (16 gauge to 11 gauge) as well as the depth of the frames, the columns (3″x 3″ versus 3″x 1-5/8″), and whether they have additional backing supports (usually on heavy duty loads or common on pallet uprights with height over 20′). We are a stocking Distributor for Hannibal Industries and maintain a large inventory of their products on our warehouse floor.