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Carts: Adding Versatility to Load Handling

Carts, much like platform trucks, offer a flat, low deck supported by four wheels, but they come with sides, usually framed, to help secure objects on the cart. These sides can make it easier to stack and transport objects. Consider these options:

  1. Commercial Quality Panel Cart – Platform With Side Rails: This Wesco all-steel panel cart boasts a flat surface area of 30″ by 48″ with two side rails. These side rails make it a breeze to stack boxes or equipment without fear of items falling off. Equipped with 8″ thermoplastic rubber casters, it weighs 118 pounds and can carry up to an impressive 1100 pounds. It also features bumpers on all four corners to prevent damage to vertical surfaces.
  2. Heavy Duty Greenline Panel Cart: Also from Wesco, this heavy-duty cart features all-steel construction with a cart area of 29″ by 36″ and three rails, two on the side and one down the middle. It’s perfect for items that need to stand on end but require additional support. The cart includes 5″ polyurethane casters and incorporates brakes on the front swivel casters. Despite weighing only 194 pounds, it boasts an incredible load capacity of 4400 pounds.

Dollies: Streamlining Heavy Load Transport

Dollies are compact platforms designed to fit entirely under heavy objects, making them easy to move. Typically, dollies do not have handles or side rails and rely on the user’s pushing force to move heavy items. Here are some dolly options to consider:

  1. Steel Deck Machine Dolly Model: This basic machine dolly from Wesco features solid steel construction with 2″ steel wheels for exceptional strength and durability. Measuring 8.5″ by 11.75″ with a height of 2.5″, it’s perfect for placing under containers that need to be easily moved. Despite weighing only 11.84 pounds, it can carry an enormous load of up to 10,000 pounds and even offers an optional steering handle.
  2. HeviMover Machine Roller Model BC2637: For extra heavy-duty needs, consider the HeviMover dolly. This steel dolly features steel rollers and measures 6.5″ by 12.75″ with a height of 4.875″ and 1.1875″ steel rollers. Despite weighing 52 pounds, it boasts an astonishing load capacity of 30,000 pounds, making it ideal for large, heavy loads that need to slide in and out of place. An optional steering handle is available for added convenience.

Navigating the World of Platform Trucks, Carts, and Dollies

In the realm of efficient manual material handling, platform trucks, carts, and dollies are the unsung heroes. These versatile tools are designed to make your life easier, protect your back, and streamline the process of moving loads from one place to another. Whether you’re working in a warehouse, a commercial space, or even a home workshop, these pieces of equipment can be invaluable. But, with so many options available, which one is the right fit for your unique task? Let’s explore the world of platform trucks, carts, and dollies to find out.

Platform Trucks: Simplifying Load Transportation

Platform trucks, as the name suggests, are hand trucks with large, low decks supported by four wheels. These non-motorized trucks often come with a handle at one end for easy steering and swivel casters at least on one end for maneuverability. Here are some models that might suit your needs:

  1. Stainless Steel Folding Handle Truck: This Wesco platform truck features a stainless steel frame with a flat 19″ by 29″ platform surface. With a folding handle that brings the height to 34.5″, it offers ease of use. Equipped with 4″ thermoplastic rubber casters, it weighs in at 26 pounds and can carry up to 440 pounds.
  2. Steel Bound Wood Platform Truck: Made by Wesco, this platform truck combines an all-steel frame with a wood platform. You can choose from various platform sizes, including 24″ by 48″, 27″ by 54″, 30″ by 60″, and 36″ by 72″. It also includes removable handles and the option to customize the casters based on your unique requirements.

While A&A offers a wide range of storage solutions, we have extensive knowledge of these specific pieces of equipment. Choosing the right platform truck, cart, or dolly depends on your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re in a warehouse, a commercial space, or a home workshop, these tools can significantly enhance your efficiency and safety when it comes to material handling. So, take a closer look at your tasks, evaluate your requirements, and discover the ideal solution that will simplify your load transportation and make your job easier and safer.